Token sale

Can I buy DIT tokens via a private sale?

Please contact us by sending an e-mail to contact@www.inmediate.co.

How many DIT tokens are for sale?

There is a total of 400,000,000 DIT tokens for sale.

What is the hard cap of the Inmediate project?

The hard cap is 16 million dollars.

What is the roadmap for the sale of tokens?

Watch our site, or follow us on Telegram or social media for all latest updates.

What is the soft cap of the Inmediate project?

The soft cap is 5 million dollars.

When is Inmediate planning to list the DIT token on exchanges?

This will be announced later on, follow our social media and our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest developments.

When is Inmediate’s public sale of DIT tokens starting?

Stay tuned for this! We are still in the process of wrapping up our private sales round, but the public sales round will commence shortly.

Where can I buy DIT tokens?

The DIT tokens are not available yet but will be sold during our token sale. We recommend you stay “in the know” by becoming a member of our Telegram group or other social media platforms where the announcement will be made.


Inmediate system

What are oracles?

Oracles are trusted data feeds that send information to a smart contract.

What can I use my DIT tokens for?

Consumers can use their DIT tokens to participate in “smart insurance” transactions and store benefits. Insurance companies will use the DIT tokens to pay for network services and as the currency for consumer loyalty programs. Find out more by reading our Inmediate white paper.

What is “smart insurance”?

“Smart insurance” is an insurance coverage enabled through smart contracts in a decentralised setting. It is immutable (i.e. can not be changed) and automatically executed based on algorithms that take inputs from data feeds knows as oracles.

What is a DIT token?

A DIT token is a utility token issued by Inmediate that can be used on and within the Inmediate platform.

What is a smart contract?

Our smart contract will be a decentralised application that sits on a blockchain and executes an exchange based on certain conditions that are pre-agreed upon by parties in an automated manner.

What is Inmediate?

Inmediate is a platform that insurers and distributors can operate in to make “smart insurance” available to customers.

What is the roadmap of the project?

You can check out our process Roadmap, or have a look at our Inmediate white paper.

Why have you chosen for the Zilliqa blockchain?

Inmediate is partnering with Zilliqa because of its high throughput public blockchain that uses sharding to enable several thousands of transactions per second and its development of a new smart contract language that will overcome the major security issues that exist in current smart contracts. This partnership is further strengthened due to both our companies being based in Singapore and the direct connection we have through our advisors.

With which insurers is Inmediate cooperating?

We have already announced that FWD is going to participate on our platform. We’re in the process of completing MoU’s with four additional insurers, which will be announced over the next couple of weeks. We will limit the number of insurers to 5 initially in order to keep the project manageable. After 6 months we will add the next wave of 5 insurers.


About us

Has Inmediate raised money before?

No, we haven’t raised any money before.

Has legal counsel been sought on whether the Inmediate project will be deemed a Security by the country of registration of the company?

Yes, Inmediate Pte. Ltd. sought legal counsel on this and a legal opinion will be made available to those interested soon.

How many years has the company Inmediate been live?

We are incorporated on 27th April 2018. Our holding company, Insurance Market Group Pte. Ltd. is incorporated on 5th December 2016.

What data will you produce to your community and when?

Yes, we will publish a quarterly report.

What is the company registration number of Inmediate?

Inmediate Pte. Ltd. is listed in ACRA under registration number 201814439K

What is the relationship between Inmediate, Insurance Market and Metis?

Inmediate is part of Insurance Market Group (IMG). IMG has 3 fully owned subsidiaries.

Insurance Market (IM) is an established online broker with a full broker license, working with 17 insurance companies

Metis Consultancy manages and own the distribution technology and provides an online distribution platform as a service to insurance distributors such as banks, aggregators, brokers (incl IM), agents, etc.

Inmediate: Inmediate is a network company providing the infrastructure to insurance companies, distributors and customers for smart contract based insurance to operate on.